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Happy New Year - Start of Year Dates

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year

Dates to note:

School Starts again on the 7th of February and the main office will be open on the 4th and 5th of February.

School finishes at 12pm today

Have a great Christmas all and a reminder that school finishes at 12 noon today Friday the 20th Dec.

Live Stream of Graduation

Link to FB

Live Stream of Graduation

Graduation will be live on FB. Follow the link and keep refreshing page around the time -

Celebration running late

Please be aware that the Year 3-6 celebration assembly is running overtime. Some students may be late leaving school.

Live Stream of Celebrations

Celebrations will be live on FB. Follow link and keep refreshing page around the time -

Celebrations will be live streamed

Tomorrow's celebrations will be live-streamed. Links to these streams will be sent out tomorrow.

Kelly Club Holiday correct Attachment

Sorry, all, attached is the correct attachment that should have gone out with the previous notice from Kelly Club regarding their holiday program for these holidays.

2020 Holiday Program


Kelly Club Message

Kelly Club Holiday Programme for December and January is NOW up on our website and available for you to make your bookings. Our programme is full of exciting activities and trips that will guarantee your children have a great time! Come and join us for… Hunger Ball, Xmas Fun, Wheels Day, Lego, Trip Day to Auckland Zoo, Support Cure Kids, Fear Factor, Back to School Party and much, much more.   To book, go to or any questions, please contact Karen on 021 146 4463 or email

Please see attachments below or visit our website for the December and January holiday programmes and After School care details.
Have a fantastic Christmas

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Kelly Club

Term 4 BOT Newsletter

Please click on the following link to read our TERM 4 Newsletter from the School Board - LINK

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