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Student Led Conference Today

Student Led Conferences -Tuesday 2 July  3.15pm -7.45pm  

It is not too late to book your conference using the code kkqya  at

We are really looking forward to seeing you today.  Student Led Conferences are ‘student led’ and our aim is for you to get as much information as you can about your child and their learning.  If you have attended the conference and still have queries, concerns or questions please contact the teacher to schedule another time to meet.

Your Thoughts? Pause Breath and Smile!

Dear All. We are interested in getting your feedback on our Pause Breathe Smile programme that started in all classes in Term 2.

Please can you find a few minutes to complete these simple questions

Movie Night Next Week

Red Beach School Movie Night Out - Thursday 27th June, 6.00pm. Do you have your tickets yet? 
A night out for Boys and Girls - Come and support the school while having a great night out. 
We would love to see you there for the premier viewing of Yesterday.
Movie + ice cream + goodie bag + prizes!

Jon Parsons Time Change

RSVP JON Parsons – Cyber Safety Presentation – NEXT WEEK


Parent Evening on the Issues Facing Families and Digital Technologies

Tuesday 25th June - 7 to 8pm

Stanmore Bay School Hall

Wednesday 26th June – 6:30 to 7:30pm

Silverdale School Hall


Jon says cybercrime is a very real issue facing families in NZ, but there are easy practical steps to help prevent it. His presentation is on the issues and dangers associated with the inappropriate use of computers, mobile phones and the internet. See more in the attached flyer.


If you are coming please fill in the below web form.

Thank you.

Student Led Conference Booking Code

Student Led Conferences - Tuesday 2nd July  3.15pm -7.45pm

Your children are preparing to share their learning with you.  Remember, there are six conferences happening in the classroom at the same time.  The teacher will make contact with every family at some point during the conference.  They are there to support and prompt if necessary but won’t take over from your child.

On the night of the conference you will be given your child’s mid year report.  The report states how well each child is doing according to the National Curriculum Levels and what their level of effort is.  The report also includes how well your child is developing within the Key Competencies.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Student Led Conferences.  The code you will need to access the online booking system is kkqya at  

Student Led Conference

What can you expect at a Student Led Conference?

Each child in our school will be hosting a Student Led Conference in week 10 on Tuesday 2 July  3.15pm -7.45pm .  The conference will last for a maximum of 45 minutes and the following will happen:

  • There are six conferences happening in the classroom at the same time.  The teacher will make contact with every family at some point during the conference.  They are there to support and prompt if necessary but won’t take over from your child.
  • Your child will share celebrations and successes and what they might be working on in Life Long Learning and the RICH Hearts.
  • Students will tell you what they are learning and their next steps and show evidence of this in their books or learning journals etc.
  • A tour around the classroom which may include some interactive activities.
  • A mid-year reported will be handed out with an explanation of where your child is at in Reading, Writing, and Maths.

This is an exciting experience for your child as the Student Led Conference is an opportunity for them to give you a real insight into what actually goes on for your child each day.  If you have any questions regarding your child's progress please discuss this with the teacher when they make contact.

Hui & Strike Day

Reminder:  Whanau Hui 5.3pm Tuesday in the Staffroom  - all welcome
Reminder:  NZEi Paid Union Meeting - Wednesday 29th May 2019 - SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED. 

Kelly Club - Strike Day

Kelly Club will be running a ‘holiday programme’ type day on the day of the Teacher's Strike Day - Wednesday 29th May. 
Our prices will be half day (am/pm) $27, school day (9am - 3pm) $37 and a full day (7am - 6pm) $46. 
You will need to book into this event if you require care on this day, your normal Wednesday booking at our Before and After School care programme will be cancelled. 
Please go to our website to book 

Strike Information

Dear Parents and Caregivers

The NZEi have advised the Red Beach School Board of Trustees that the principal and teachers at our school will be taking strike action on Wednesday 29th May 2019 for a full day. 

The Board has carefully considered the availability of teaching staff, and unfortunately decided that we can’t provide the normal teaching services during the strike so the school will officially be closed for instruction on this occasion. 

Accordingly, it’s important that you make alternative arrangements for the care of your child/children during the period of the strike. 

Our onsite holiday programme “Kelly Club” will be offering a programme on this day – please contact Kelly Club directly if you have any questions: .

We know that this is inconvenient for parents and students alike, but please be assured that student safety is our main concern.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Short
Chair Board of Trustees

Submitting for Board Elections

Please click the below link to find out more on submitting your nomination for your school's Board Elections

20 Albert Hall Drive
Red Beach NZ 0932

Phone: 09 426 8915
Fax: 09 426 8731