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Term 2 Events 2024

Stop Press - As the weather forcast is for more rain, our Matariki celebration will be postponed       until Wednesday 26th                  Thanks so much

Matariki 2024 -

Tuesday 25th June

Kia ora Whanau

We have our Matariki celebration coming up on Tuesday 25th June at 5pm, and yes once again, you will have the opportunity to sample the lovely soup which will be made by the Year 5/6 team!

We are conscious that there have been a lot of requests for money but would really appreciate any   gold coin donations (towards the purchase of ingredients). This can   be sent along to the office or done so through Kindo. We will also be accepting donations from your or someone elses’ garden (onion, leeks, carrots, pumpkin, kumara etc)

Financial donations are welcome at any time; could  vegetable donations please  be sent along to school on Monday 24th June.

Thank you all for your generosity - we are really looking forward to welcoming you along to our Matariki celebration.

Nga mihi nui

Student Led Conferences

3rd July

A chance to celebrate your childrens learning journey.

July 5 - Last day of Term 2

School resumes on Monday 22     July

Term 2 Events 2024

Chocolate Sales -

Whittakers Brand!

Chocolate boxes will be going     home today, this is a great fundraiser for the school

Please return the boxes if you do not wish to sell them as we have many families who can sell more    than the one box.

Good luck selling them - payment can be made through kindo, the   bank account or cash back to the school.

Thanks so much

Last Newsletter of 2023

Thanks for a great 2023!

Congratulations to all Year 6 graduates and to all returning to RBS  - school starts on Wednesday 7th February at 8.55am. 

Junior Playground

We are delighted to confirm that our junior playground is being revamped with new turf and improvements over the Christmas break, huge thanks to our Community Committee who have led this project, with extra funding coming from the Board of Trustees. 


The academic progress graphs will be available to be viewed on Tuesday 19th December at around 1pm and it will show what level your child is working at in Reading, Writing and Maths (Number and Algebra), also  Effort, Key Competency indicators and class next year information (for those still at Red Beach School in 2024).

Don’t forget there is also an app along with the browser view. You can print from both of these now or save as a PDF to send to other family members.

Document to help log in and how to view and comment on learning posts.

We also saved on our website our Term 2 parent information presentation about the information within the reports and how to understand them better. You can watch this presentation and open a slide show by clicking the link below.

If you have any trouble signing in you can email

Class Placements can be seen on the Hero Report

The process of placing children in a class has taken a considerable amount of time and discussion.  It has been based on trust in our staff who have got to know your children very well over the year. 

 As part of the process, we have considered the following points:

  • a child's response to differing teaching styles
  • consideration of learning needs
  • compatibility of peers
  • a balance of ability within a class
  • gender/culture balance within a class

While consideration has been taken of friendships, this is only one factor, and therefore may not be regarded as the most important in class placement and building resilient learners. 

The best way to support your child with the transition to their new class, is to give positive messages over the holiday break about the class teacher and the new friends that will be made. 

We look forward to seeing you and your child next year. 

Whānau Connect (February 1 & 2)

Before this we have our Whanau Connect.  Whānau Connect (February 1 & 2).  - now that your child knows who their 2024 teacher will be  - you can go online to book an appointment to come in and informally meet with them on either 1st or 2nd February. This is a vital step in helping make sure your child’s school year gets off to a great start. 

You can also see your child's new 2024 class and teachers in your Hero account

Follow this link to make the appointment  - they are in 20 minute blocks with 15 minutes for the interview and 5 mins to allow for changeovers.

Use the code - yt8m3

Final Assembly and Drop off in the Morning

Last day - Wednesday. Drop your child / children off at the main gate on Wednesday. 8:30-8:45 - all teachers will be out there with Music etc welcoming everyone into school. 

A fun way to start our last day of 2023. Final assembly will be tomorrow at 9.30am with school finishing at 12 noon. Students will be dismissed by their teachers from their rooms so you will have that final opportunity to say any last minute goodbyes and check the lost property etc

Farewell again to our staff who will not be returning next year. We will miss them one and all. 

Draft Health Statement

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on what our Health Statement should encompass for Red Beach School. Below is a draft statement. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding this final draft, please email

2023 Draft Health Statement:

Red Beach School is committed to delivering a programme of Health Education, based on the New Zealand Curriculum and aligned with the school’s Charter, School Vision and Ara Poutama (local curriculum document) that addresses the holistic well-being of our students. Our curriculum includes topics such as emotional awareness, self-image, cybersafety, nutrition, and effective management of emotions, anxiety, and physical changes. 

Red Beach School uses a range of teaching approaches and learning contexts to deliver a culturally responsive programme that will meet the needs of our diverse learners in a safe and supportive learning environment. Health Education will be taught through engaging methods utilising the Life Education caravan, external agencies such as St John, and our established programs like Gotchas, our key values of Manaakitanga (respect), Whanaungatanga (inclusive), Tiakitanga (caring) and Pono (honesty) and mindfulness practices.

We understand the sensitivity surrounding Relationship and Sexuality education. Therefore, our approach is designed to be developmentally appropriate, respecting diverse perspectives within our community. Parents and caregivers have the option to withdraw from this program. To exercise this option, a written request can be submitted to the Principal.

We recognise the importance of keeping families informed about the content being delivered in the Health Education programme. Any queries or concerns regarding the Health Education curriculum run at Red Beach School, are welcomed.

2024 Office hours:

The office will be open 9am - 3pm on Tuesday 30th  and for the rest of that  week and back to regular hours from the first day of term:  7th February, 8.30am - 3.30pm.

Have a wonderful break with family and friends.

Meri Kirihimete

Julie Hepburn

celebration LINK YEAR 5 AND 6

Live Links for Celebrations

The live links are below and will be streamed through Facebook. While the quality might not be perfect, we'll do our best to ensure you enjoy the experience. We hope you can join us virtually if you're unable to attend in person.

Year 1-2 starting at 1:45 -

Year 3-6 starting at 9:30 -


Karney Dawson

Live Streams of Celebrations

For those unable to attend, we want to inform you that both celebrations will be livestreamed tomorrow. Links will be sent out in the morning.


Karney Dawson

Minion Plant Sale at Red Beach School

There is a Minion Plant Sale for a gold coin donation on Mon 11th and Tues 12th of December at 3pm.

Support the Minions growing plants adn come along.

The Minion Team and Phil Inwood

Tabloid Sports Carnival tomorrow 29th Nov

Our Tabloid Sports Carnival will be happening tomorrow.

All children will be involved in various fun filled events throughout the day. 

PROGRAMME – (times are a guideline only) 

9.30 Activities begin

10.50 Morning Tea

11.15 Activities continue

12.35 Lunch

1.35 Relays 

2.55 Finish 

Please ensure that your child has a hat, sunblock, and plenty to drink.
They are required to come to school in appropriate sports gear/footwear in their community colour. They may need to have a warm top to wear between events. You are more than welcome to join us on the day. 

Ngā mihi

Julie Bluck
Sports Coordinator
Red Beach School
09 4268915 ext 262

School still Open 24th Nov

Just letting our community know that we have not been sent any communication regarding bomb threats. Therefore we are open. 

All communication today will be through the website, Hero and Schoolzine if this situation changes.


Julie Hepburn

DISCO - Important Note

Volunteer opportunities for "Summer Fun Disco" are now open.

To run the event we do need support.

Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:

To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering!

The School Committee

20 Albert Hall Drive
Red Beach NZ 0932

Phone: 09 426 8915