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Cultural Night this Wednesday! We'll meet on the courts.

Cultural Night this Wednesday! We'll meet on the courts where the kapa haka will start us off at 4:15pm. See you then.



Julie Hepburn

We made $30,292!!!!

We did it... We raised over $30,000 towards an AstroTurf for the Junior Playground.

Prizes for the top fundraisers and the winners of Challenge Day will be announced at the Cultural Event this Wednesday.

We had a fierce competition for the top class, and it came down to a final donation just 4 minutes before 12 pm, which led to a last-minute change in the leaderboard. The results are as follows:

1st - Room 10 - $3,078

2nd - Room 12 - $3,055

Both classes did an amazing job and will be rewarded with a PIZZA LUNCH and a movie afternoon with Mr. Dawson.

Thank you to everyone who got involved. If all goes according to plan, we will start work on this project in January 2024.

Fundraising Team

Closing Date of Know Our World Athon

We are so close to reaching $30,000... it's more than we ever thought.

There are some great individual prizes still to be won, and the top two classes will get a pizza lunch and a movie afternoon with Mr. Dawson.

The closing date for fundraising to finish is Monday, September 18th, at 12 noon. We will then see who our top fundraisers are and which class is leading.

At our cultural evening next Wednesday, we will announce our prize winners and the winners of the Challenge Day tomorrow.

Lots going on and heaps of excitement.


Fundraising Team

Fault with Phones

Fault with phones in area and effects school. We are working on a fix now. If urgent please email

ATHON - Last Week!

We have already surpassed $25,000! Can we reach $30,000? It's so exciting to see this incredible amount raised for the installation of astro turf around the junior playground.

It's the last week, and we have a fantastic array of prizes provided by some of our incredible sponsors, which you can find listed at the bottom of the fundraiser page:

Fundraiser Page

CHALLENGE DAY is this Friday! It's what it's all about – the 'KNOW OUR WORLD ATHON.'

Thank you for all your support, and good luck in the prize draw this Wednesday for a $100 Orewa Thai Voucher, sponsored by 'YOU TRAVEL OREWA,' if students sign up by Wednesday, September 13th, and have at least $50 in donations.

Regards, The Athon Team"

Athon Challenge Day 15th Sep

WELL DONE! We have made over $20,000 and continue to climb. Every bit helps, as it means it's less we have to get from grants, etc., to make up the final total. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

We had some lucky winners for the big Friday draws with 2 Rebel Sport vouchers and a $50 TOYWORLD voucher given away.

This week, if a student has one or more donations, they could win Wireless Headphones.

Challenge Day on 15th Sep - What will it look like???

Year 1 and 2 - will have a page of names and flags which they will draw lines to match them up.

Year 3 and 4 - Will do an online Kahoot with multiple-choice and true/false questions. For example: "If you were in Japan, would you greet someone by saying Tālofa?" True/False.

Year 5 and 6 - Will do an online Kahoot as well, but their questions will be a little more tricky. For example: There could be a map with a country with an arrow pointing to it and multiple-choice asking what country this is. All questions will be from the study book.

Should be a lot of fun, and there are some great prizes for those who do especially well. 

Red Beach School

Fundraiser Update - Great News

WE HAVE REACHED $10,000... amazing!!!

Our aim has been to reach $20,000, so we are over 50% there, and there are still many students still to sign up. Thank you so much.

Below, are some of our students are showing off the astro turf samples.

Tomorrow marks the first of our major draws for those who have signed up. A fun karaoke mic and two $60 goggles donated by Speedo will be given away.



Karney Dawson

Deputy Principal

Know Our World-athon - Sign Up now!

Coming home with your child/ren will be a letter all about our big fundraiser to assist us in raising funds for putting down Astro turf all around our very wet junior playground. Also coming home will be a Study Book for the students to get ready for the big challenage on the 15th September.

This year we have partnered with online fundraising company Go Raise It.  Collecting sponsorship online makes it super easy for everyone - no more door knocking, your child can collect more donations from further afield (friends & family living overseas, work colleagues etc) and no need to worry about handling cash!.

All the detils will be in the letter. Thanks for your support.

Deputy Principal/Fundraiser Organiser

Karney Dawson

Fathers Day Event

Get onto KINDO and order a few sausages for lunch with the kids.


Exciting Announcement from the Community Committee

Exciting Announcement from the Community Committee
- Our Junior Playground is getting a Refresh!
As a community we have all been working hard to fundraise for the school. Thank you to everyone for putting so much effort in to support our wonderful tamariki.  A $20,000 annual donation has been made from the Community Committee funds raised to the school administration which is used for school running costs.

Now that we're up to date with essential costs, we're excited to inform you we will be giving the junior playground a refresh! A project is in place to have the ground games repainted on the courts outside the junior classrooms, re-staining of the wooden aspects of the playground, paint the "surf club hut" and brighten up the monkey bars. We will also be contributing towards having the area around the junior play area astro-turfed in due course.
If you can assist us in any way to facilitate this project please get in touch with us. Watch this space!
Thank you for your ongoing support, Red Beach School Community Committee
Thank you for your support.
Red Beach School Community Committee

20 Albert Hall Drive
Red Beach NZ 0932

Phone: 09 426 8915