Donations and Activity Fees


Red Beach School is rated decile 9.  We receive only a fraction of the Ministry of Education funding that is given to Low Decile Schools (approximately $800 per student LESS than a decile 1 school).

This is why we depend on our parent community for significant levels of support and fundraising to try to give our students as many opportunities as possible and not disadvantage them.

We therefore ask parents to make an annual donation, which the Board of Trustees tries to keep to a minimum, but without which, would be impossible to function. Any payments through the year of instalments, would also be appreciated. 

2019 Donation Requested     Compulsory Fees  
One Child $190    Activity Fee $45 per student
Two Children $330    
Three or more children $470       

Payment Options

Instalments – please contact the office. We are happy to take instalments that suit your circumstances.

Cheque, Cash, Visa/MasterCard

Internet Banking:

Red Beach School - ANZ Account: 060 405 0194659 00

Particulars: Family Name

Codes: what the payment is for - eg.  Act Fee, EOTC, Water Safety

 Reference: Room no

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Phone: 09 426 8915
Fax: 09 426 8731