BYOD - Bring your own device

Over the many years Red Beach has worked with the Ministry, students and our community to be in a reliable, tested and educated position to give students the opportunity to bring personalised learning devices to school. We want to continue to give this opportunity to our Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and 6 students who we believe, benefit from this opportunity.

We would like to emphasize that this is optional and not compulsory.

It is our aim to develop in our students the capability, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be learners for life. We want our young people to grow and develop, knowing and applying the qualities and characteristics of lifelong learners.

Any device will work however we do recommend Chromebooks

Our overall goal at Red Beach School is to empower students to achieve and make a difference. Technology is a tool to engage students and have them engage in their learning. ‘Bringing their own Personalised Learning Device’ (more commonly called BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) is to develop an environment that caters for deeper learning. Student will use their digital devices in ways that promote learning and digital and technological literacy.

Byod Agreement Form

If students bring a device to school we get them all to fill in a BYOD Agreement form. It is a good idea to feed through this with them and bring in when they do come to school with their device for the first time.

Here is a great INTERACTIVE WEBSITE by Google to help SET UP and ADD ACCOUNTS to a new chrome book. 

Click on the Above Image to see our recommened brands at Noel Leeming


There’s lots to consider when choosing the best BYOD for your child to use at school and at home, or if you’re looking for a laptop or notebook for senior secondary school or tertiary study.