The Red Beach School vision was created in 2005. The school spent six months consulting and discussing the key question: 'What is it that we want our school to stand for?'

The statement 'Ko te kura Onewhero he kokōna he whakamana i nga akonga kua pākari ki te poipoi i te hua-roa/Red Beach School is a community empowering lifelong learners to achieve and make a difference' and the pictorial representation below, form the school vision.

cluster of shells.jpg
In the Red Beach graphic, a cluster of shells on the beach depicts each and every learner in the school joining together to form a community.
pohutukawa tree
Lifelong learning is an important concept as the school believes in teaching children the skills of learning for life. The Pohutukawa tree is our metaphor for achievement, forever growing and achieving success as a learner.
In a similar way, the school emphasises the development of honest, able citizens of the world. This is depicted in the graphic by the 'heart' at the base of the tree, a visual image of the school's values programme.
Everything the school community, its staff, and students focus on ensures that all they do, now and in the future, will make a difference to their own lives and the lives of others. This is shown in the graphic as the footsteps on the beach leading off into the horizon.

Red Beach School Curriculum Ara Poutama

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