Community Committee

Making a Difference

Who we are… and what we do

Hello and welcome from the Red Beach School Community Committee. We are a group of enthusiastic parents, staff and BOT representatives who work together to support the school in various ways. We are a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees and whilst our primary focus is fundraising we also create an important consultative link between the school, parents and the wider community.

Future events include discos, sausage sizzles, mufti days and of course the highlight of the CC year – the School Gala

You can make a difference too...
There are numerous ways you can help make a difference through being part of the community committee.
You can get involved by being on the committee. We would love to have some new members join our awesome team. Alternatively you can be a friend of the committee and offer to help organise a particular event or be a contact for sourcing things from our wider community. You may even be able to give just an hour sometime to count money or help at sausage sizzles. To learn more about us or offer yourself for any of the above please contact the Community Committee via their email; 

You could also click this link and fill in the form for anything you may be able to do.
For your information this year the following people hold these positions in the Community Committee;

Co -Chairpersons - Chris Shortt and Steph Pollock
Secretary - Justine (Rusty) Greenwood

Please consider sparing a little of your time and skill to support our effort – if everybody contributes just a little it will make a big difference!

Community Committee Events for 2018




Term 1

2 March, 16 March, 6 April

11 April

Ice Block Fridays

Athletics Day Sausage Sizzle

Term 2

4 May

25th - 30th June



Skate Rink

Mothers’ Movie Night + raffle

Term 3

All Term


Term 4

19 October


30 Nov

Dad’s Day Sausage Sizzle

Gala Day/Fete


20 Albert Hall Drive
Red Beach NZ 0932

Phone: 09 426 8915
Fax: 09 426 8731